Foundation Cause List of Princess Eliane Chappuis. March 31st, 2018

Causes Eliane Chappuis will Focus on Through www.Charityladies.ch or with Her Own Foundation:
-Red Cross Hospitals in War Countries
-Freeing Victims from a Criminal
-Patient Protection
-Care for Abused Persons
-Care For Tortured Persons
-Care For Persons with Different Illnesses
-Care For Persons which are War Veterans
-Care For Crippled Persons
-Protecting Persons with Crohn's

The Charity Work Eliane Chappuis has done so far:
-As a Child Eliane Chappuis did some helping in Plum Village in the First Plum Village Years helping planting Plum Trees
-Los Angeles between 1996-2003 Eliane Chappuis donated her Teddy Bears and stuffed Animals to a Charity Action/Cause/Event
-While living in Los Angeles from 1996-2003, Eliane also showed some support by attending an Evening of the Crohn's and Collities Cause
-Back in Switzerland after 2003 she often attended Vietnamese Charity Days and would sing Songs as a Present
-When Back in Switzerland she would also help with an Evening for the Haiti Tragedy by donating a Song
-She has done some advertisement for very good Foundations by mentioning them from time to time
-Throughout her Life she did much Advertisement for Thich Nhat Hanh and Sister Chan Khong, by promoting their Books and Plum Village by mentioning them in Important Circles
-She is now ready to only mention her WWW.CHARITYLADIES.CH
with All of Her Causes mentioned Above

Eliane Chappuis, March 31st, 2018